About Me:

I am a Minnesota-born-and-raised girl with the heart of a Swede. I feel totally at home either place, but regardless of whether I’m in Minnesota or Sweden, my heart aches for the OTHER place. How’s that for a dysfunctional personality?

In daily life I am a worship director, piano teacher, certified Personal Chef, volunteer at the local high school and nursing home, care-giver for my brain-injured husband, and probably wear a few other “hats” in addition to those. 🙂

I spend every possible moment talking with my kids (who both live far from home), and always have a couple dream trips marinating in my mind. I love to be silly, laugh, thrive in the outdoors, and try to live a life with no regrets. I have traveled to 23 countries on 4 continents, and most of the United States. SOME day I will make it to Hawaii, Asia and South America.

silly girl

My husband and I just built a house in the most idyllic setting – – – in the woods, on a lake, surrounded by wildlife and silence – – – totally my inspiration for creativity.

Our little lake

The name “Culinary Concerto” describes two of my passions – cooking and music. But most importantly, my mission in life is to love people well with love that can only come from the One who loved me first.

I hope to get the opportunity to hear all about you as we sip coffee (or tea) and relax by the fireplace (or lake).

7 thoughts on “About Me:

  1. Carlotta….Love, Love, Love your blog!! Great job!
    I have never followed any “blog” before the fabulous Culinary Concerto…it is wonderful!!! Great recipes!! Thanks, Karin

  2. Your mom just directed me to your blog. Love it and hope to have some time to spend reading more of it and trying some of your recipes. I think Kari would love it also and will let her know. Thanks!

    • I’m glad you found the blog, and hope you enjoy some of the stories, pictures, and recipes. (And let me know if you have any of the Pink Tower dishes.) 🙂

  3. Hello Carlotta! Wonderful, wonderful blog! I feel so lucky to have by chance found it.
    I was surfing around with lasagna on my mind… and ha!, I found a great lasagna recipe and a whole lot more!
    I’m in! Look forward to your future posts. Eliza

    • Thanks, Eliza!
      You totally make me laugh — it’s good to know that I’m not the only person who surfs “with lasagna on my mind”! I hope you come back often.
      I can’t wait to explore your website. Wow. You have incredible talent!

  4. Hello, Carlotta. I “found” you through YUMMLY. Although I have only read a few of your recipes, I am hooked on you! Great recipes and dialog! Keep it up. Best regards. Tama

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