Never, Ever

Never, Ever

Have you noticed that every magazine targeting women, especially those who enjoy cooking, has within the past few years added a fashion and beauty section? You can tour amazing homes, get tips for decorating, learn how to wire a rustic lamp, learn about CSAs (Community Supported Agriculture), experiment with kumquat recipes, and BAM! you are face-to-face with some diva touting $46 lipstick and earrings that cost a small fortune. WHAT?!?

Over the past few years as fashion segments have developed in my favourite home magazines, I’ve been dropping my subscriptions one by one. Seriously, if either The Family Handyman or This Old House takes up the trend, I will give up magazines forever.

As for this little blog, you will never, EVER receive fashion advice or recommendations. I am one of those “fashion-challenged” people who needs to facetime my daughter before leaving the house in a new outfit. I’m not kidding. When she was living in Australia, I had to calculate the 16 hour time change to figure out when we could skype. When she lived in Amsterdam, it was easier because we were often on the same day of the week.

Shoes & Boots

Whether it’s the vintage Eddie Bauer boots, H&M tops from the 1990s, or an awesomely warm Athleta sweater coat hanging in my closet, my only hope is fashion advice and help from those I love and trust.


When it comes to cooking and baking, I see it this way:

Baking is math and science. You have to measure accurately and know fractions – MATH. You also need to accept the fact that chemistry will cause your baked goods to either be light and fluffy, or to be relegated as a paperweight – SCIENCE. I failed math and science.

Cooking, on the other hand, is more like art, history, and music. These are the subjects I excelled at in school. There is more instinct and “gut” in cooking. Cooking allows creativity, and focuses on colour and beauty – ART. You learn from mistakes so they are not repeated, yet when a dish gets “high fives” from the entire family, you make that dish again – HISTORY. And MUSIC? Of course! There always needs to be an awesome soundtrack playing while cooking!

  • B.B. King is best for experimenting with savoury dishes
  • Benny Goodman inspires new twists on classic menus
  • Beatles always seems to encourage comfort food
  • Brahams violin concerto produces lovely entrées with light seasonings
  • Bay City Rollers mostly stimulate heartburn

Whichever soundtrack you choose, play it loud and proud, and allow Art, History, and Music to influence and ignite your creativity in the kitchen.

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